Yo Skin Girl: Stephanie Rios

Hello beauties!

My name is Stephanie and I am a licensed esthetician helping clients reach their skin goals. I got into the business of skin care when I was dealing with my own acne struggles and discovered that the condition of our skin affects much more than our outer appearance, it affects us emotionally and as a whole. Knowing this, I made it my mission to help others improve their skin quality with my knowledge, skills, and training.

◦ I work with all skin types and conditions, in addition I am an acne specialist, certified by Face Reality Skincare in treating acne prone/affected skin.
◦ I offer the latest in HydroFacials which exfoliate, hydrate and infuse luxurious serums into the skin.
◦ Aside from facial treatments, I also offer lash lift services that will pair your glowing skin with beautiful bright eyes!

Don’t delay! Get that glowing skin you’ve been dreaming of! Contact me or book online for an evaluation and treatment plan for your skin today!